Stump Treatment: What You Need to Know to Get It Right

12 February 2018
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Trees are great assets. The timber they produce is necessary for making furniture and other things. When harvesting timber, tree stumps remain behind because it is often impractical to uproot the whole tree together with the roots. Doing so is not healthy for the soil. You need to get rid of the tree stumps in a safe manner so that there is no damage to the soil structure. Effective removal and termination of secondary trees requires stump and root killers. Read More 

Potted Trees: Which Ones Suit Your Brisbane Apartment Lifestyle?

24 August 2017
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Not every person moving out of home has the desire to live in the traditional house and land package popular with older Queenslanders. You are excited to be moving into an apartment in the Brisbane CBD simply because your commute to work will be so much shorter. However, you are sad to be leaving behind the beautiful trees and garden your parents carefully cultivated. There is no reason why you can't have trees on your apartment balcony; you just need to think outside the box and into a pot! Read More 

When Trees Bring Pests and Possums: How Trees Can Provide Pests with Access to Your Home

24 February 2017
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In the right location, a healthy tree can add to the value of your home. However, trees do require maintenance as they are constantly growing. If left to their own devices and not trimmed each season in order to control and limit their growth, some tree species may offer you more than just shade, cool air, and fruit. Sometimes, they might bring unwanted guests. Possums If you don't grow veggies or fruit in your garden, then possums probably don't pose much of a threat to your peace of mind. Read More 

What to Do With a Hazardous Tree

22 November 2016
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For the most part, trees are very low on the list of things Australians consider to be dangerous. Unlike venomous spiders and snakes, trees are a static and often times beautiful part of this country's natural landscape, adding as much character to its many world-class national parks as it does to suburban households and town gardens. Despite this, falling trees and tree branches do unfortunately account for a number of injuries and even fatalities in Australia every year. Read More 

Tips On Getting Rid Of A Leylandii Hedge

10 November 2016
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Leylandii hedges can be useful if you want to create a privacy screen to shield your property from neighbouring gardens or from a busy street.  However, Leylandii are fast-growing and can become extremely tall very quickly.  A tall, dense hedge can create so much shade that nothing will grow nearby.  If you want to get rid of a very large unwanted Leylandii hedge, you should contact your local tree services contractor for help. Read More